Did You Know?

Howard is a resident of Bethel Park, PA and an award-winning National Park/Nature Photographer. He has participated in many of the top juried fine art shows throughout the United States. In addition to his work with nature, he photographs his hometown of Pittsburgh. Many public and private organizations, hospitals, universities and the general public have purchased his work for over 29 years. He has also partnered with numerous non-profit entities.
His “Inspirationals” product line consists of framed photographs that are aligned with faith-based messages in the matting and have found their way into the hands of people from all walks of life including such notable preachers as Franklin Graham, Rick Warren and John MacArthur. Like most who enter this profession, his pathway has been full of twists and turns; but, God’s grace and guidance has continuously blessed him along the way. Visit his website or contact Howard directly for additional details.

Upcoming News and Plans

town-planner1) In 2018, I was asked to provide the artwork for the Town Planner series of calendars. This calendar was provided free of charge to over 110,000 homes in the Pittsburgh Southern suburban communities. This opportunity to reach such a large audience throughout the year was exciting, humbling and a privilege.

2) In 2018, I will be partnering on some initiatives with Pittsburgh’s Christian radio station 101.5 WORD-FM. I look forward to forging an ongoing relationship with them in the weeks and months ahead.

3) In the first half of this year, I will be releasing my new collection of “Inspirationals” on metal. Those of you familiar with my work know that for years, you have been able to purchase matted and framed versions of my images aligned with faith based messages in the matting. In line with the changing technology, I will also soon offer prints on metal with a simulated matting that feature my faith based messages.

4) In late September 2017, I returned to the Canadian Rockies for the first time in 29 years. My initial trips in 1988 and 1989 were my inspiration to pursue photography. My picture entitled “The Awakening” from Moraine Lake in Banff National Park was taken in August 1989. It was one of the Images selected for exhibition at the International Photographic Competition in the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. It is not only my oldest photo but remains one of my best selling images. I am very excited to debut my latest images of the Rocky mountains at the upcoming 2018 Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. Click here to view my latest work from some of the most iconic locations in the world. Feel free to contact me by email hjmb95@gmail.com or phone at 724-518-9086. I would love to be of service.